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Volume 14, Number 1

The Journal of Applied Research

Table of Contents

1 Thermal Response to a Combination of a Lipolytic Cream, an Elastic Abdominal Belt and Abdominal Exercise
Jerrold Petrofsky, Mike Laymon, Iman Akefkhowailed

7 The Effect of a Slimming System Including a Lipolytic Cream and an Isometric Abdominal Exercise Regime and
a Garment on Skin Temperature

JS Petrofsky, Michael Laymon, Iman Akef Khowailed

12 The Effect of a Slimming System with a Lipolytic Cream on Body weight, Girth and Whole Body and Regional Fat Loss
Jerrold Petrofsky, Michael Laymon, Haneul Lee, Iman Akef Khowailed, Stacy Fisher

24 Assessment of Girth and Abdominal Fat Reduction in People Using an Abdominal Slimming System
Jerrold Petrofsky, Mike Laymon, Jennifer Batt, Faris Alshammari, Jong Yim
Haneul Lee, Adel Hamdan, Rajavi Desai, Kunal Pathak, Samruddha Shenoy, Mastour Alshaharani, Gauri Shetye, Sungkwan Cho, Bhakti Nevgi, Swapnil Malthane, Karunakar Somanaboina, Wei-Ti Chen, Sushma Neupane







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